Tom’s Story

We talked to a lot of our existing customers and we found that the average business ends up dealing with at minimum 3, usually 4 and sometimes as many as 6 or more providers as they go through the process of getting their company on the web. This is the story of Tom, one of our customers, who we mentioned earlier. Tom had to deal with 7 different providers over the course of 6 months before he decided to abandon his so-called new website and start afresh with us.

Tom worked with the following 7 providers for his project:

  1. Branding company to put together his online presence strategy
  2. Website development company to design & develop his website
  3. Website hosting company to host his website after it was completed
  4. Internet marketing company to optimize his website for search
  5. Social marketing expert to design & set up custom social profiles
  6. Content writer for content, blog posts, articles and social updates
  7. Back to his website developer to for updates & maintenance

Here are the problems Tom faced during the course of his project that led him to start over:

  • Invariable finger pointing due to multiple parties involved
  • Juggling between different service providers of various competency
  • Dealing with missed deadlines, incomplete and poor quality work
  • Spent an excessive time managing the project on his own
  • Unnecessary toe-stepping and duplication of tasks & costs
  • The project ended up costing him much more than it should have
  • The final outcome had to be scrapped as it simply did not work

To Tom’s defense, it came down a lack of experience and education. Since this was Tom’s first web presence project, he did not have much of an idea of what to expect and secondly, none of the providers took the time to educate Tom as to exactly what was needed and what could be expected.

And that is why Tom worked with us and ended up with a stellar website.

Please share your thoughts if you have dealt with a similar situation.

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